"Hello, we are glad that you are here! 


As For The PĒØPŁËŠ Church, our hope for you is that you would recognize, abide in and be in awe of the undeserving and unearned love of Jesus that He poured out for you on the cross. I pray that you know and experience the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this house and seek to spread the aroma of the knowledge of Christ so that people would see the greatness of what He has purchased and be moved to glorify our Father in Heaven. I give thanks to God daily that He not only saved me, but has also entrusted me with the humbling role of shepherding His people. I pray that we, pastors across the global church, never forget that it is an undeserved privilege we should never take for granted. 


Thank you for stopping by and we hope to have the opportunity to meet you soon!” 


Travis Gold // Lead Pastor at For The PĒØPŁËŠ Church

Downtown Los Angeles, California, USA

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