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Dialégomai is the New Testament common Greek word that we get the modern English word for dialogue from. Biblically speaking, it is the process of exchanging thoughts and ideas for the ultimate purpose of reaching a deeper understanding in Christ and that is the heart of this podcast!


Hosted by Travis and Kyra Gold of For PĒØPŁËŠ Church, Dialégomai: The PĒØPŁËŠ Conversation invites you into intimate, honest, and compelling conversations on topics ranging from theology, the local church, discipleship and leadership to suffering, salvation, forgiveness, and relationships all through a Christ centered lens that is rooted in the sufficient, efficient and infallible Word of God.


Featuring a diverse array of guests, Dialègomai is grounded in the heart to grow deeper in the Lord together as we receive His gift of life and reach unshakable common ground found only in Jesus. You are invited to join us as we combine biblical teaching, impactful testimonies, and insightful questions of reflection to spur you on in your walk with God. 


Episodes weekly on Mondays and Q&A's monthly on the last Monday of the month! To submit your questions email dialegomai@forthepeopleschurch.org.