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Information without experience doesn't move mountains. Neither does patience without preparation. To know AND to experience.

What are you waiting for? Why aren't you moving? Why aren't you walking in your authority? Why aren't you SEEKING? How many times have you answered that question with a certain level of bitterness for where you're not, and said "Well God has a bigger vision for me so I'm just waiting for him to reveal that to me. Im being patient"

Patience is not a time in which you wait passively but rather a time in which you should actively be preparing for what God has already called for you. Just because a certain ministry has been called upon your life, it does not mean you are equipped to fulfill those ministries. It takes investment.

Too often, we can think that allying with God's vision is to wait passively when we should be praying passionately. If you are blinded by where you are NOT, you can sometimes miss the point of where you are. There is PURPOSE in where you ARE now. Don't let the dust of the world get on you. That's were the devil is committed to living. It will deaden your spirit. Making you expect the negative. It grows and takes over.

In every season God is preparing you for the next. You need a certain level of contentment to appreciate "the NOW" and today while still maintaining a certain level of resistance and discomfort to grow into the VISION for "the THEN!" To be content doesn't mean to concede but rather focusing on what you can build and in building you prepare.

Use the time you have now to Invest, mature, grow, and LOVE. He draws near to those who draw near to him -- James 4:8.


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