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These days, my Fridays consist mostly of studying and reflecting. I was reading some old notes from the VIVE Women’s WISDOM conference last year and I came across this quote:

"Take care of your thoughts when you're alone so that you can take care of your words when you're around people."

- Pastor Leigh Ramsey

Which reminded me of this quote:

"Complaining drags us down into the darkness of despondency. Praise lifts us up into the glorious light of God's presence. There is nothing that cheers the heart, clears the mind and purges the emotions like praise. When we praise we cannot complain, when we complain we cannot praise. Each of us has the power to decide whether we will be grumbling, defeated Christians or praising triumphant ones! There is not a faster way to route fear than to enter his courts with praise. The song of praise can turn dread to delight, sorrow to song." - Dr. Rob Carman

These quotes complimented each other because True praise starts in your conversations with God when nobody is listening, true praise starts in your mind. To speak is to create -- so your words carry more weight than you might realize.

Complaining is destructive to the joy, patience and peace that come from the Spirit and only serve to make our witness to and of the world more strenuous. Challenge yourself --> if not for YOU for your invites - the people you're believing for because who, would be attracted to a "freedom" whose disciples are dissatisfied with life are saturated with grumble and complaint? It's not just YOUR flesh on display but the very Jesus who lives inside you. So...

SEEK GOD, run to and work it out with him first because you never know who you might poison. You have a responsibility for where you take people and "Just because it seems like wisdom doesn't mean it's going to produce wisdom...[T]he fear of the Lord is the foundation of wisdom"

- Ps Keira Smallcombe

WHY do I look over old notes? Growth is circular not linear - revisit past revelations. They'll manifest in some context. If not for yourself, for the people you've been entrusted with by God.

Thanks so much for reading,

TK Unit <3

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