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I • A M • W E A K •

“When we realize that we are all struggling together, it frees us from the fear of not having it all together.”

- Pastor Adam Smallcombe

Reading the title “I am weak” you might think this is some self-defeating disposition against my self-esteem. But it’s not, actually it’s a quite liberating truth to digest.

We all have fears and insecurities about the world seeing or discovering just how weak we are. Fears that we indeed don’t have it all together despite what our social media highlight reel projects. Thinking “I don’t measure up to my boss’s expectations.” Crippled by fear that we do not have what it takes to overcome the opposition that we face.

These are very real fears and insecurities each of us has faced at some point in our lives that is manifested by believing the lies from the enemy. Most of them centered around our individual weaknesses.

We are experts of our imperfections, all to familiar with our shortcomings. They deflate us, frustrate us and if we let them, defeat us.

The world qualifies us based on our capability and competence. So we Photoshop our weaknesses and project a false reality that they are not there. If that does not work, we try our best to self help our weaknesses by simply trying “harder”.

We have all been here before and even though we know when we try to fix ourselves we inevitably make things worse, we still try, forgetting to seek God in the process.

So the question still remains, “ What do we do with our weaknesses?”

Embrace them.

It is empowering to embrace who you truly are because God works best through our weaknesses. The real you is not perfect, but it’s where the blessings are. God can’t bless who you pretend to be.

The real you is where God’s grace is greatest and where His strengths are strongest as the bible says, where you are weak, He is strong. Our very limitations are often times of set up for our greatest victories.

They stretch us and grow us. They show us the very grace of God and encourage greater dependence on Him.

Do life in community, encourage one another. It is our weaknesses that allow us to relate to each other and it is in our trials that we become refined.


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