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// WHY • SF // BY KYRA //

Why not SF?? I moved here for Law School and ended up staying for Ministry. Now if I'm truthful, I judged this city for the longest time. I was tired of the high rent, tired of the "angry people" (which exist everywhere so not sure what my problem was), I was tired of the community I was involved with until I realized I was the problem. San Francisco is more than going into a specific neighborhood, seeing how dirty it is and deciding all of San Francisco is represented in this one alleyway in the mission district, San Francisco is more than just posting pictures of bridges and beaches and declaring how much you love this city on your IG (which ironically I'm doing now).

Living here, I realized how could I judge a city I never actually took the time to get to know, how could I judge a city without actually understanding any of it. It's through being hurt by it, it's through the various scars, it's through the happiness, the heartbreak and the joy that I both witnessed and experienced with the people here that I can say I love this city.

Not because of our water fronts, not because of what I can receive from SF but because of the various opportunities to give. And in no way am I saying that I am the answer, and in no way am I even saying that the city needs saving. But due to all of the darkness, the hustle and bustle of city life and the lack of true and genuine community, I can say I needed saving! And through my obedience in giving and serving - God restored. He gave me the best community I've been a part of. There are so many hurting people without community who are feeling lack of purpose and I was one of those people.

I have such a heart for this city. I get to bare witness to revival but I blamed SF for all of my problems a year and a half ago.

It's when you stop and realize that YOU hold the key to the answers you're looking for because God has given you authority to act that you become a part of a movement. Dark and light cannot exist in the same place. When light goes into the darkness, the darkness becomes light and that's how I look at the church. If I hadn't gotten plugged into my local church, I probably would have moved back to SoCal (where I'm from originally) and even contemplated moving back to New Zealand (where I grew up) but I'm glad that I stayed.

What's the "SF" in your life that you need to be obedient to?

Thanks for reading,

Travis and Kyra!


Downtown Los Angeles, California, USA

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