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|| S T R E N G T H ||   i n t h e  || S T R U G G L E ||

“His divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and excellence.” - 2 Peter 1:3

This week marks a year and half into my (Travis) new journey out on the west coast (Originally from PA). From San Jose to San Francisco, a lot has happened. I’ve met the girl of my dreams (And Prayers) I have seen breathtaking landscapes and iconic images. I have witnessed first hand, the up close action of a Stanley Cup Final. I have met incredible people from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life. I have plugged into an amazing church and built an incredible community that sharpens and supports me. Truthfully, this year and half has been the biggest blessing in my life to date.

On the flip side, it has also been the most challenging season of my life. A season marked by an immense amount of struggle.

I have moved 4 times at the mercy of the saturated housing market. I have had 3 different jobs, 2 of which didn’t pay enough to cover my expenses and penalized me for having a personal life. Because of that I have seen savings vanish and my bank account dwindle and overdraft more times than I care to admit. All the while not having family in close proximity for some TLC. It truly is a miracle that I am still standing.

So this begs the question, “Why am I staying in this unrelenting environment?”

Simply put God. I know God is growing and strengthening me for greatness.

When God paints a vision on the inner walls of your heart, you have a choice: Do I run full fledged towards what I’m called to do or do I run from the weight and responsibility He has entrusted me with. I chose the former. Easy said, harder done.

When you’re operating in obedience and doing what only you were put on this Earth to do; you WILL face opposition. Spiritual warfare is REAL. The sooner you grasp that, the sooner you realize you have the license to fight. You fight from a place of VICTORY. But just because you fight from a place of victory, does not excuse you from the fight itself. Each time you persevere and conquer, God entrusts you with bigger battle to win and radically show His power, His mercy and His love through you. Your story brings power, breakthrough and transformation.

How amazing is it that we can be ACTIVE participants in HIS Story while we make History.

The enemy hates when you strengthen our gifts in the struggle. He is threatened by what you bring to the table not only for yourself but for the breakthrough only you can bring to others. The enemy will do everything he can to misguide your focus away from your purpose and identity that is FOUND in Him.

So if you’re facing a battle that seems insurmountable, DON’T GIVE UP! Do you quit at the gym when you start to sweat? NO! You work harder! You know more weight is coming but you’re ready for it because you are STRONGER. So, Press into it, breakthrough is on it’s way. Growth is always met with resistance but your STRENGTH also cannot grow without it.

Opposition and struggle is a part of life we all face, so use it to your advantage. Get stronger in the struggle.

You are GREATER than any past, current and future struggle. The growth and breakthrough you experience along the way, use it. Let it fuel you as you continue to run your race. Take a minute, think about where you are and reflect on how you got here. You’ve grown and gotten stronger. Let that speak confidence and assurance into your current struggle AND bring breakthrough for someone who desperately needs to hear it.

Fight for victory for yourself, fight for victory for others. But always remember that victory is already yours in His name.

Thanks for reading,

Travis and Kyra!


Downtown Los Angeles, California, USA

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