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It started out as an idea and a conviction that we could be doing more with our resources. That in our journey of pursuing Christ, looking to be made more like Him and make Him known together we could be more bold. Bold in our convictions, bold in our revelations and bold in each step. We both have a passion for writing and an immense love for God's people.  

And God doesn't give you passions and gifts to just sit on them, we truly believe that if God has put something in our hands we need to water it and carry it faithfully pointing all of the honor and glory to Him. We started to think about the huge ministry opportunity we had in social media, in our writing, in our relationships and in our love for one another with Christ at the center. A lot of people ask us HOW our relationship started, but of far more importance is the WHY. This relationship didn't come to being just because it was love at first sight (the how) it blossomed into something because it was prayer at first feeling (the WHY). The why was seeking to be obedient to our callings and considering whether each of us was the partner that God had placed in our life to walk that walk out together. Can we align our visions for the ultimate glory of God? For us, maintaining a godly perspective on the purpose of dating has provided a good foundation for the victories that we've had in this relationship. We love that the love between us has been providing a clearer picture of God's love for us. Not only because he's the BEST gift giver ever but because we love because he first loved us. What we have is less about compatibility, (after all there has never been a less compatible relationship than a holy God and his sinful bride, the church) and more about how we can have Christ at the center of our relationship and display that love, the very real love of Christ in our interactions with others. Thank you for following us as we continue in this faith-filled attempt to become like HIM and make HIM known together in this broken yet beautiful union.  

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