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Hey everyone! We are finally back. Back in the Bay, back to the blog and back from our honeymoon ready to conquer our first holiday season together. Let’s gooo! The plan is to post blogs on Thursdays weekly. One week Kyra and the next week Travis and so on! As long as God is speaking, we are writing! You will hear us speak on it until we are blue in the face but margin is so important folks. You grow in margin! When you create zero space, you find yourself having these homie moments with Jesus and then not applying anything He’s spoken to you because you are crazy overwhelmed with your own thoughts and doing things in your own strength. That’s been us in the last few months. Managing expectations and no longer dreaming. How do you encourage somebody in a post if you aren’t even creating space to reflect. We were moving way too fast but being away on our honeymoon revealed the need for margin and creating boundaries around our lives. I have to (embarrassingly) admit that this past year was the least amount of margin either of us has ever had. I mean even in comparison to 2016 which was full of two doctorate degrees at the same time, working full-time, bible college, church, etc. This past season was harder even though we were seemingly doing less (This isn’t a pity party, God has blessed us in ABUNDANCE this past year). But with Kyra working two full time jobs 7 days a week (training clients after church when you’re high on the Holy Spirit is extremely fun just FYI), and an endless amount of health issues, we never really took the time to sit down and figure out what God was speaking to us in that season but being away really was download overload with God. And we can say that with the margin we’ve had over the last few weeks, we now know what God was saying for the last 9 months - better late than never we always say haha! With that comes a slew of content and dreams on dreams on dreams. We cannot wait to share. We missed you. We missed writing. We are back. First blog back dropping next Thursday it’s called “Pressure Points” and was written by @kyrakgold! Your friends,

Travis & Kyra  


Downtown Los Angeles, California, USA

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