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P E R S P E C T I V E || A S || A || W E A P O N

“We all stand under the same sky but our horizons are different” - Sam Chand: Bigger Faster Leadership I recently returned from an amazing honeymoon with my rockstar wife in Maui. If you have been before, you would know that Maui is a beautiful place with a plethora of vivid panoramas. During our time there, we found ourselves in whipping winds exposed to cold dense fog with zero visibility at 10,000 feet and in peaceful states of tranquility at sea level where we could see for miles. These two very distinct vistas gave me a lot of perspective and I found myself connecting these beautiful backdrops to the confusing vantage points in my own life. At times, I feel like I’m on a mountain apex, where on one hand I’m proud of the altitude I have accomplished but also very cold, uncomfortable and alone with no clarity or anywhere to turn. Other times, I have been at a place of no elevation, yet still at peace, despite the lack of progress but patient in the process because I understand the purpose. In life and in leadership, the trap is to think one horizon is better off than the other based on preferences that are contingent upon our current circumstances. For example, If I’m frustrated with the lack of progress, I want the mountain. If I am cold and uncomfortable with the altitude, I want the warmth and tranquility of the blue waters below. You undoubtedly will experience both vantage points on your own voyage. The Bible talks about the calm waters and treacherous terrains that inevitably awaits us, but it also says there is a time and season for everything. Throughout many seasons in my own life, God has continually reminded me that there is real power in perspective. Perspective has a unique way of working in my life. It gives significance to my past, insight into my future and purpose in my present pain. You cannot have meaning on the mountain without the perspective of the beach from which you came from. Perspective becomes exponentially important as you ascend to new altitudes. The truth is, the higher you climb in your calling, the bigger the bullseye you create for the enemy because of the threat you pose by living out your purpose. Knowing this truth, allows you to use perspective as a weapon to keep you grounded in meaning in your current circumstances. I sit here, writing on the cold mountain with little visibility about where I am at or where I am headed. But I reminiscence on the warmth of the beach below searching for God’s purpose in my current conditions. I do my best to maintain a Kingdom perspective on life and implement the Godly wisdom I accrued along the way. But I’ll be the first to admit that I struggle with this a lot. Just ask my wife. I often become easily frustrated and agitated with the real pressures and inconveniences I face off with, failing to see to the promised future God has for me. Having a Kingdom perspective helps me see the inconvenience for what it is, an inconvenience. Nothing more, nothing less. If we are honest with ourselves, we give way too much mental real estate to the inconveniences in our lives. The enemy wants to use these to distract and destroy you. But God has a different plan to elevate your perspective. That co-worker, that commute, that inconvenient commitment are all allowed in your life to give you a Kingdom perspective. That co-worker reminds me of the grace I have to give. That 90 minute commute reminds me how blessed I am to have a job with significant purpose. That inconvenient commitment reminds me to keep those boundaries I have already established in my life. Perspective is a weapon. Perspective prepares you for the future, gives you grace for the present and uses your past to elevate you. Use perspective for its designed purpose, to propel you further into your calling. Your friend, Travis


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