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A N X • I • E • TY



a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

The word anxiety on its own is anxiety provoking! It’s an ugly word isn’t it? Saying the word right now is giving me anxiety…

Cast all your anxieties on the Lord, easier said than done right?

I wanted to write a piece on anxiety because if we are being honest, anxiety has spread throughout the minds and spirits of our world like a California wild fire. It looks like the devils favorite place to attack. Worried about finances, relationships, performance pressures, health, whatever it is for you.

Most of us live in varying layers of uncertainty. So much so that anxiety becomes a part of our day to day. We drink it like its coffee. A daily toxin slowly corrupting our thought patterns.

For me anxiety is; Mind Crippling, Joy Stealing, Peace Corrupting, Heart Breaking, Dream Crushing, Spirit Killing, Tear Making and Relationship Straining! It’s the dead dust that the enemy is committed to living in.

The danger of anxiety is that it doesn’t stop there. It spirals into an area of self-doubt, which quickly turns into isolation which then falls into shame which quickly darkens to guilt and before you know it, you’re depressed.

We wear anxiety almost as a badge of honor. I don’t say this out of a place of ignorance but it’s so easy to get so used to it that you think it’s who you are. It’s like your favorite pair of jeans. You know you need to get rid of them because they are so worn out. They aren’t flattering, and the holes in them expose you but they are comfortable and you almost don’t know how to walk without them. You don’t feel like yourself without them.

I’ve come to learn that for me, fear is the gasoline to the fire of anxiety within me. What do I mean by this? Living in so much uncertainty in this last season gave me a spirit of fear that I never had. I mean I’ve died before (that testimony is for another time)...once you face death, I promise you, you fear nothing.

So I reflected long and hard on where this fear came from and what it was producing in my life and the Holy Spirit revealed some things!

I cannot emphasize how important it is to spend ALONE time with God. Put Him into your date night rotation. For me that means waking up a little bit earlier because it’s here that you find a place of ease and a calm confidence to your spirit that enables you to see where God has placed you and why and that’s what it did for me.

I saw that the undefined and uncertain nature of my season, gave me a spirit of fear. I started living day to day, not really knowing what’s next, or better yet not even planning for what I wanted next. I started to put my life in the hands of others without even noticing and stopped really dreaming or believing and instead was so consumed by where I was not.

We all need a certain level of contentment in our lives in order to actually focus on where we ARE. For me that’s the water that lessens the fire of anxiety within me. Without it, we get suffocated by the smoke of where we aren’t. It’s not an easy fight to get to a place of content because the devil will tell you it’s conceding when it’s simply creating margin to reflect on God’s goodness and provision RIGHT NOW. Gratitude folks, for what he’s already done and WHO HE IS, is important when living under a rock of uncertainty and in the cage of anxiety.

Knowing God and His character is so important to completely destroying the anxiety fire pit. Yes knowing the works of His mighty hands allows you to see His character at work but if you don’t know who He is, you’ll start to seek only His hands and when you don’t see His provision because you’re blinded by your circumstance, you start to move further from God because you aren’t standing on who He is.

God, who He is and what He’s saved you from is the answer to the fears in your heart. Allow Jesus, the ultimate sacrifice to silence the doubt in your mind. Because Jesus came, we do not have to stay in fear. Let’s not be tempted to extend our stay at fear land motel.

As it says in Ephesians 3:12 we can approach God with freedom and confidence because of Jesus which means we can pray through the anxiety because God can and God will.

God’s name and who He is smokes the fire pit of anxiety. This is where you stop letting the enemy accuse you and you start acknowledging who you were designed to be.

Living in fear changes who you are so it’s time to lay some things down.

If I were to ask you, what do you feel you need to leave in 2017, I would probably get answers like; doubt, disbelief, pain, unforgiveness, shame, guilt, anxiety and depression.

Enter into 2018 only carrying what you’re called to carry. I personally wanted to talk about anxiety. The role it’s played in my life this year and how I was set free from the pressures I was living under and hopefully it encourages you in some way to do the same. Have a dialogue with God, and then encourage somebody else.

Don’t get comfortable in self pity. Don’t let self pity deaden your spirit.

Thank you so much for reading,

Love always,

Your friend,



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