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Maximize Your Perspective & Get Clarity Through Your Chaos

For every struggle, there is a name. Somebody God has entrusted to you and you to them. Somebody God has commissioned you to be an extension of His love for. Somebody who can receive breakthrough and freedom through your story.

For every hardship you face in life, you have an opportunity to minister to somebody. If you are not using your hardships and struggles to help people then are you really learning from them?

So how do you maximize your perspective in the midsts of the fire without feeling like you have to minimize your pain? Furthermore, how do you get clarity, in the midst of the chaos?

It is easy to look back on seasons once you are a few seasons removed and be like “wow, God thank you for that season, I see how you are using it for your glory” but I doubt that in the moment, many of us are saying “Wow, thank you God for that injury” “I am so happy I am struggling to have a child”, “I am so happy that I hate my job” am I right?

It can be incredibly difficult to peel back what is actually bothering you while you are in the moment, in the midst of the refining fire. It’s hot, it’s uncomfortable and it’s painful.

As God is slowly peeling away and burning off all of the things you aren’t supposed to carry and all of the things you aren’t supposed to be, it can be hard to truly let go and surrender the process to God because of the fear of the unknown.

But it’s in this place that you need to remember that God graced us for the lives He’s called us to lead. It does not always feel that way but He has and in every single trial, He is giving you an opportunity to reach somebody.

So this is where we wear the responsibility of looking beyond our struggle to see the name on the other side.

God sent so many people my way last year. I felt like my calling in 2017 was to minister 1:1 and have deep relationships with a lot of different people based on the various struggles that I was facing. For every struggle there was a name attached and trust me I had A LOT of struggles and in turn made a lot of close relationships.

I initially thought of taking a moment here to go through every single one of my struggles of 2017 but I left those back in 2017 because THIS YEAR, where I am now, is going to be so much better and I really do not want to throw a pity party now that I am on the other side of that trialing year.

Now I do not write this asking you to feel sorry for me. Please do not. God did so much for me last year and I know that my faithfulness in 2017 will not be returned void. I tell you that I faced many struggles, from financial to health, to community so that you know that I am not writing this blog out of a religious place of what “I think” God is saying in times of adversity, I am letting you know that I lived a season of adversity that felt unending and this blog is a compilation of the things, I believe I learned.

While facing so many health issues, and honestly I am still facing a lot of health issues, It was so easy to sit there and think GOD you are the healer. You could heal me in an instant? But instead more injuries, ailment and sickness come. If you did not want any of this to happen then why is it happening? It is written in your word that no weapon formed against me shall prosper so what the heck?

But when you face attacks like this you should know that you are doing something right. The devil will always try to match in trials and tribulations the value on the other side of your breakthrough and your breakthrough has a name and life attached….it is for so many other people, it is not just for you.

I have an AWESOME God, an incredible husband, some really great mentors and some loving friends who provide perspective. They don’t minimize the pain that I am in but they maximize my perspective…making sure it remains heavenly. Reminding me of who God is.

It is so easy to fall into self-pity in seasons like that but as Pastor Phil (founder and leader of the c3 Global movement) writes in his book about faith “You cannot have self-pity and faith at the same time.”

God reminds me that for each and every encounter, in every single struggle and in various moments of despair, there is somebody that I now have the ability to reach.

Focus on that, focus on how God is expanding your sphere of influence. Making you approachable and relatable to so many people who are hoping to meet somebody who “just understands.”

God has orchestrated the most divine relationships this past year and they have all been people that I know how to encourage and people who know how to encourage me.

I have made it across the crazy ocean and can send over the boat of life, Jesus, to carry other people through too. I know how to get to that boat through the oceans as I felt overwhelmed by the waves so I can encourage you to do the same even though you feel like you are drowning. I have lived it and God has gotten me out.

Life can be extremely disappointing, when you see it going one way and it takes a hard left that you were not prepared for but it is in your authentic vulnerability that you can shift things for the people around you.

When you sit back and think about how many of your leaders, friends, mentors have made an impact on your life, It is always the ones willing to go there first. To speak when you do not know what to say, to share their breakthrough so you can feel safe to do the same, to lift their hands in worship despite the pain you know they are facing.

Maybe you have never experienced that, but that does not mean you cannot be that for somebody else. Be what you haven’t seen. Stand tall and profess your struggles, reminding people that they too can get through. Show your battle scars off every now and then, and then show them you were able to shake it off.

Speak truth in beauty and humility. Knowing God can use anybody but He chose that person for YOU! Use every mess in your life (and if you are like me there are a lot) as a raft for somebody else. A place they can rest, float and feel cared for. God graced you for those burdens in the struggles that you have worn and the crosses that you have carried and in all things, point them to God. You act as the vessel to get them in the door of His presence, and the Holy Spirit will do the rest.

With prayers and love,

Your friend,


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