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F A L S E | O B E D I E N C E | Are you falling into the pits of partial or delayed?

Are you confident in Him or do you have anxiety in what you are not? Who you are not and your inadequacy?

This blog is going to be set up a little differently than most, but track with us if you will :)

Can you believe that we are already in February? I have alluded to some health issues in previous posts. And yesterday we spent the entire day in the hospital. It wasn’t for anything we have typically gone in for, it was something completely new.

Which was both frustrating and in ways annoying. I will be writing a post on my health and talking about it in our first “behind the blog” so won’t give too much away here.

BUT being in the hospital for all of the last day of January with nothing to do but to lay in a hospital bed, I started thinking about my Praise Reports for the month and what God was speaking to us as a couple.

I decided to do with myself what I usually do in my 1:1’s with people called a “pulse check” and asked myself the following questions I am now going to ask you…How are you doing with the goals that you have set for yourself this year? How are you doing personally, spiritually and in community? And have you been preparing to shift some things and actually make a move towards these big visions?

I read a quote by Jeremy Johnson, Lead Pastor of Fearless LA:

“Partial obedience is disobedience... delayed obedience is disobedience... you want to know why you feel distant from God? It’s disobedience... BUT as for me and MY HOUSE we WILL serve the Lord!”

And this challenged me so heavily. Partial Obedience and Delayed Obedience…anybody else ready to admit they have been operating in that capacity to some extent? Denying the disobedience you’re walking in?

Sometimes for me its called passive obedience where I am almost afraid to declare my path out loud and speak things into existence! It is easy to declare things you expect God to do but as my pastor, Adam Smallcombe once said “God won’t do what He has called YOU to do.”

I could not help but to think of an illustration from my day to day life of where I see partial and delayed obedience.

For those of you who do not know, I was a Division I athlete and my husband was a Division III athlete - safe to say athletics is huge in our family. I also run my own business coaching and training people in the science of movement and nutrition.

The number one reason that a client does not reach their goals in their timelines is due to partial or delayed obedience. It is funny because they expect the results that obedience warrants but they aren’t willing to change all of their habits and surrender the entire process over to their coach. They want the body and mind they’ve dreamed off but will only put in 75% of the work required.

Sometimes we approach God like that. We want the blessing that full obedience produces but we only give Him some of us. And even though we delay or miss out on God’s full blessing, we still only obey Him in part because transformation is just too inconvenient. “God you are telling me, I have to leave this comfort zone completely….UH NO.” So instead we keep our fears, we keep our “logic” and somehow we still think we are following Him fully (will take another post to delve fully into this statement).

But the thing is, most of us do not want to sort of receive God’s blessing so why do we “sort of” obey His command.

I think it is founded in fear. Uncertainty breeds anxiety, so partial obedience seems to manifest itself in hearing what we want to hear, not what God says. Have you ever done that before? Maybe it is when you read the bible, listen to a sermon, or read these blogs. You keep searching for that one line to support your timelines, your fears and subconsciously or intentionally ignore the 10 that came before it that confront, challenge and convict you.

Partial obedience and delayed obedience seem to be magnified when we act BEFORE we seek to align our hearts with the Lord instead of AFTER. Partial obedience and delayed obedience is manifested when we feel the need to become of the world and forget the calling that God set apart for us to speak into the world. We subject ourselves to custom instead of surrendering ourself to our calling written by the one Most High.

Even in your anguish and hurt, be obedient. Humble yourself to see Him in your anguish. I have been praying and truly believing for healing for over 10 years. It is so easy to sit in self-pity and say “this is not fair, I follow God, I seek to empower and encourage His people so what the heck” and then I am completely sobered when I remember that if God did deal with us “fairly” most of us would be going to hell.

And as I said earlier this week; what you allow, will continue so remember to STEP! God will shine the light upon your path, one step at a time. You may not have the answers right now, you may be too afraid to step out onto the bridge connecting you to your calling but know that God is working in the details of your future and HE IS THE BRIDGE!

Don’t just believe that God exists, believe in WHO He is. He’s got you. Whatever bridge you’ve been avoiding to walk across that’s keeping you distant from your dreams and a fresh encounter with your Father. Remember that He designed the bridge, He’s in it and He’s already blessed it.

God has been speaking SO clearly to us about where we are right now, the purpose of the season we are in and where we are headed. I have had the privilege of connecting with a lot of you and getting to hear your dreams, your goals and your stories.

But for some reason we have discussed little about action but a lot about dreaming. When dreaming is only step one. So often we are asking for a move of God but God is saying “take a step and watch me move.” So let’s start taking some steps after spending some serious time with God.

Think about it this way, is it truly faith when you need all of the facts to make sense before you take a step? True faith as I have seen it displayed in my life has always come when the facts don’t make sense. I choose to believe because I know and understand the goodness of God and I believe in His character.

What have you been operating in a delayed fashion about because you do not recognize the provision or you simply just cannot see it?

Stop being afraid to walk across the bridge. As I have said before; when God has given you the eyes to see, He’s preparing you for a heart to act. He’s not giving you license to cower or self pity in the ways it won’t work, but instead He is empowering you to make some moves because it's in our weaknesses that God is made evident and it's in our brokenness that God's resurrection power is magnified.

My prayer is that you set your heart to Seek the Lord. My prayer is that February is a month of faith for you. Where you approach seeking God with a new level of intentionality and sustained focus. My prayer is that you “Readily recognize what He wants from you, and quickly respond to it.” (Romans 12).

Because one of the most difficult clients to train is the one I discussed above. Submit to the process and run after the calling He has for you. Remember, the crown that God set apart for you to wear, only you can wear. In partial and delayed obedience, you are laying that crown down for your standards and it is in this place that you become your own master.

Thank you so much for reading,

With prayers and love,

Your friend,


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