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“If the wind goes where you send it, so will I.” - So Will I by Hillsong United We have been a little silent on our blog and all associated T&K social media platforms lately and you are about to know why. We have been focusing on our first big shift as a married couple and we cannot wait to share what that shift is, in a few lines below. I write this in reverence of the one Most High and His unfailing love for us. Our Creator and our sustainer who is constantly working through us in every season. Humbled by the identity we have as sons and daughters of the King. Oh what a privilege we have in getting to call Him Father. So broken, so underserving, so unqualified but marked as His own. No better source for inspiration than Him, our Creator and so to Him we turn; in every blog and post we write but this one is particularly special to us. Truly brought to tears when I think of the fact that He chased after us as we actively ran away from Him, He gave His perfect son so that we could live with Him eternally and He reserved our space in Heaven next to Jesus. He has given us fresh strength as we have obediently waited upon Him and allied fully with Him in our visions. Our passion is for God, our fire is for God and our BOLD FAITH is for God. To him be the glory, in our victories, in our stories, in our struggles, in our challenges and in our triumphs. When you are wildly in love with God, you cannot help but to move with fervency and so it is with great excitement that we announce to you all; we are leaving the comfort of San Francisco to answer the call of God on our lives in Los Angeles. We have come to quickly learn that passivity and fear have no place when you are moving at the speed of purpose, when you are marching to the sound of obedience and when you are dancing to the rhythms of His voice. There is no room for passivity when you are chasing the kingdom, when you are so hungry for God and you are crazy in love with Him. If you had asked us three months ago if we would live anywhere outside of the Bay Area within the first six months of our marriage, we would have first looked at each other acknowledging the fact that we had stopped dreaming over the last year and then “politely” laughed in your face. All the while, we have felt that God has wanted more for us. That we were settling for man made visions and forsaking the divine one He had so beautifully crafted out for us. We had become passive in our dreams and we could feel that He wanted to shake things up. We have known for a while that God wanted us to move but we so quickly ran to the fleshly reasons it would not work such as getting out of our lease, our clients, leaving our friends and home church, etc. But then we began to think back on the promises God has fulfilled and dead dreams He was starting to resurrect in our world, so we put God to the test. There are so many testimonies that have come as a result of the obedience in saying “we will go,” but one of the biggest has been financially. I remember being at the end of myself financially, had just stepped away from my current job and was like, I need to rest so I do not want to work excessively like I have done to make extra income. My flesh was growing weary and my health only getting worse. I had been moving too quickly over the past few seasons, running a race I was not called to and therefore not graced for. I decided to fully trust in God financially and I got super specific and practical with my prayers in regards to my finances. I asked God if He could supernaturally grace me with 10 times the amount of money I was making at my previous job over the first four months of the year. I gave a deadline of March 31st (yes, I gave God a timeline, am I the only one guilty of that?) and just to show off, God not only met my request but He surpassed it by 10 percent AND on top of that, did so in four weeks instead of four months. People who owed me money from YEARS ago for training and freelance work were coming out of the woodwork to pay me, clients (without any advertising) were seeking me out to work with me. This was such an example of praying, knowing that God would do it. Not just hoping but knowing that He would and it was one of the most supernatural moves I have ever seen in my finances and it is further indication that God honors faith steps and that when we truly believe He will bring what we are believing for to pass, He will (Mark 11:24).

There is power in prayer and there is importance in the condition of your heart when you pray as it often determines the power of your prayer but that is another post all together. In telling you this story, I hope that you see that He honors obedience and He wants to LAVISH you with His riches. We are overwhelmed and excited with too many feelings to appropriately articulate here. This challenged us as a family to stop existing, stop sitting passively in a spirit of “waiting” when God was calling us to be passionately praying and to be making moves. So we stepped out in faith, declared it out loud and started to practically plan. We were still dragging our feet, saying we would move probably at the end of the summer (when our lease was up) or at the end of the year, BUT God then convicted me with my own blog post. The one I wrote on False Obedience. (That’s often how it works, I’ve either lived or am living every post that makes its way to your screen). So I sat down in admiration of the incredible Father we have, our courageous Savior and I promised Him that I would not hold onto anything so tightly that I would not give it up if He asked me to. I remember being overwhelmed. Knowing that these words would be put to the test soon and I instantly thought about the portrayal of Jesus in the book of Matthew. Just how “Ready” Jesus was to quickly respond to the call of God and how He continued to be Kingdom minded through challenging circumstances, and make choices regarding eternity not present sufferings or chaos. I mean it when I say it; anything can happen when you ask God to use you. When you truly ask Him to use you with no prejudice as to how. When you consecrate every gift that He has given you in a new and fresh way. And we are humbled and filled with so much excitement to know that the NEW thing He wants to do in us is in Los Angeles. Thank you to everybody who has prayed us through and cheered us on. Boy oh boy do we love you more than you know. We are just two newlyweds on fire for God and wanting Him to use every breath He has afforded us to spread the God news of the Gospel and the unfailing, unchanging and unconditional love of God. My prayer for you is that you stop existing. You might not realize you are are, but most of us are to some capacity. We all have that space, tucked so deeply within our hearts but we need to dust the cobwebs off, and light it up with the power of God. My prayer is that you are able to find faith and see God’s handiwork despite the facts that seem uncertain and undefined. That He gives you the desire to talk to Him, to give thanks to Him, to worship Him, to Praise Him, and to see & hear from Him. I pray that you learn to tune into His sound waves, that they are the only waves you put weight to and that in your understanding of who God is in character that you go deeper with Him and receive exponentially more than you could have ever dreamed of. So now I ask you, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? If somebody calls out your name, you answer right? What about your Father, the one who spoke your calling? Shouldn’t you answer Him? Not tomorrow, not next week, but today. With prayers and love, Your friend, Kyra

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