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Behind The Blog || W A K E // U P

We are so excited to be giving you our third video (LINKED AT THE BOTTOM!)

In our first video we promised you a vlog series entitled “Behind the Blog.”

In our very first, “Behind the Blog” we answer the questions that we asked in our “Wake Up” mini blog posted below, and go a little deeper into the questions, sharing our personal revelations with you.

We hope you enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed filming it, and that it encourages you to go deeper into your relationship with God!

We pray that this blesses you in some way.

For reference, here is the blog :)

W A K E // U P

Are you being stubborn and calling it steadfast?

Are you mistaking what you’ve been entrusted with as something you’ve been subjected to?

Are you calling it pain when its the very thing that enables you to possess a new and conquering power?

Are you career motivated and calling purpose driven?

Are you becoming of the world but calling it “being relevant”?

Do you feel set aside when really you are set apart?

Are you calling it faith, when it is simply delusion?

Are you calling it discernment when it’s really just insecurity?

I ask these questions in love, to confront the very issues that have existed on the inside of my heart. I cannot tell you how many times I have been stubborn and called it being steadfast. I cannot tell you how many times I have believed the lie that I am alone, felt so un-invited and set aside when really, I am set apart.

Sometimes you just need to be shaken, to be reminded that Jesus conquered death so that we could live. But sometimes as Christians, we walk around asleep to our calling, asleep to our lives, and complacent.

We allow anxiety to fester, we allow manipulation to take root and we walk away from the very things God has called us to step into.

Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the areas of your heart that have formed dust and cobwebs because you were too afraid to address them. And do so out of a place of love, not only for yourself but those your breakthrough is attached to because God has entrusted you with lives, including your own. Never forget that you are a part of His story. He chose you, in all of your imperfection to share His good and unfailing love.

“Love confronts issues, not because they are wrong but because they are killing you” - Kristene DiMarco

Do not allow the lies of the enemy to suffocate you, to keep you distant from your calling enabling you to walk around in a daze, half asleep. Do not allow the enemy to tell you, that passively waiting is allying with His will, it’s not. Your spirit knows. Tell the lies to bow to the one Most High, the Author, Creator and most perfect example of TRUTH.

With prayers and love,

Travis & Kyra

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