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L E T | t h e | R E D E E M E D | s h a r e

“Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story...” - Psalm 107:2

TODAY IS THE DAY that we celebrate our one year blogging anniversary with a special announcement…

This is a project that is near and dear to our hearts as it is a result of direct obedience to God. To be honest, we are just in awe of God, that He would entrust us to steward this vision.

Special thank you to our beautiful friends who stared in this video and enabled us to bring our vision for it to life.




Emilio & Erin



Video Details:

Filmed & Edited | By Travis & Kyra

Script | By Travis & Kyra

Produced & Directed | By Travis & Kyra

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For every struggle, there is a name. Somebody God has entrusted to you and you to them.

Somebody God has commissioned you to be an extension of His love for.

Somebody who can receive breakthrough and freedom through your story.

People can argue fact or fiction all they want.

But no one can refute your story.

Your story is uniquely you because it’s divinely God.

For every hardship you face in life, you have an opportunity to minister to somebody,

to breakdown the lie that they are alone,

to shine His light on the chains of disappointment suffocating them.

Let’s share the real us, our muddy messes that turn into clear convictions,

looking beyond our struggle to see the name on the other side.

Everyone of us who has gone from lost to found, broken to whole, selfish to selfless and dead to alive, has a story that reaches and connects people to the resurrection power found in the dead space of an empty grave.

Let’s honor Him by sharing our Stories of Redemption.

Share in light of what He has done.

Share because someone needs the life found in your story.

Share so others can feel empowered to do the same.

Redemption reaches the dead and brings them to life.

It reminds us that God is our Healer.

It is how we unlock the transition from pain to power.

Because of Him you are redeemed.

Your mess becomes His message, sent to humanity by way of YOU.

To Him be Glory in our Redemption Stories


To be featured in our stories of redemption mini documentary series, submit your Stories of Redemption at

With prayers and love,

Your friends,

Travis and Kyra

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